Metabolism of collagen and POP

Metabolism of collagen and pelvic organ prolapse (POP) (NZOS 216-0000000-0535)
The project determines the expression of collagen type I. and III. and matrixmetalloproteinases 1 and 2 in pelvic tissue of women with POP by comparing them with similar samples of healthy controls. All subjects are examined by spirometry pulmonary function that was significantly worse in women with POP. In subjects with POP hormone replacement therapy significantly improved lung function after six months.
List of Researchers:

1st Professor Tomislav Strinic, principal investigator
2nd Professor Davor Eterovic, researcher
3rd Assistant Professor Vulic Marko, researcher
4th PhD Darka Bozanic, researcher
5th MSc Zoran Branica, MD., researcher
6th MSc Boris Bacic, MD., researcher
7th Ivica Stipic, MD., research fellow
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