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​NEW ANNOUNCEMENT - July 27th, 2018

Student office will be closed from 6th of August till 27th of August 2018 due to vacations. We will be gladly to answer all inquiries you sent by e-mail after we come back.

​International Students Guide - Correction
Education and Teacher Training Agency has changed administrative fee for issuing recognition of foreign qualifications. The amount is 140,00 Kuna (previously it was 200,00 Kuna). Please act according instructions below:

Instructions AZOO

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International Students Guide
Instructions for first year students 2017_2018 (International Students Guide).

Size of class
In academic year 2017/2018 USSM is planning to enroll up to 60 students divided into two categories in a 6 year Medical Program.
Student organization
Students have organized initial group in order to help potential candidates and present students. More you can find here.

Type of Students
Medical Studies in English Program is for now open for foreign citizens and Croatian citizens living abroad.
Tuition fee is 9000 Euro per academic year. Tuition is set to be paid in full within 7 days of receiving Letter of acceptance in electronic form.
Foreign students are required to obtain Approval for temporary stay. Two forms that need to be submitted can be downloaded here (Form 1a and Form 8a).
For more information about obtaining suitable visa please contact Diplomatic Missions and Consular Offices of Croatia.
All enrolled candidates who do not need a Visa to enter Croatia can start the procedure either in their home country, prior to their arrival to Split, or at the Police station in Split. It will be requested that you prove such action before your admittance into first course. Those students who do need a Visa to enter Croatia are obligated to to start the procedure in their home country, prior to their arrival in Split.
Note: Police Department in Split requests fee ~ 550 KN for this procedure for non-EU citizens and 240 kn for EU citizens. Fee is payable after the request for temporary stay is approved. It requires that you have arranged your health insurance in your home county or with Croatian Health Insurance.
Health Care
Prior to approving your application for temporary stay you will have to arrange your health insurance. For some countries passport is enough, while for some you need to obtain EU insurance.
Insurance can be obtained in Croatia as well (Medical Insurance, web site in Croatian only, cost 60 Euro/month).
New Information: Health insurance rights, for students arriving from certain countries which are member of European Union (e.g. Germany), can be achieved by obtaining EU Insurance Card. Example of such card can be seen here (with fabricated data). Be aware, that in some circumstances private health insurance will make you ineligible for EU Insurance Card. In that case you will have to purchase health insurance from Croatian Health Insurance Agency.
Croatian citizens are permitted to apply for student housing which is partially covered by Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.
Foreign students will have to obtain private accommodation. There are plenty of private agencies that can assist in this process and average renting price is 200 Euro/month (depending on how many students share an apartment, and its position).
For help in finding the apartment in Split you can contact one of the following agencies (or any of your choice): TRGO STAN d.o.o., BROKER CO d.o.o., HERMES INVEST obrt, BENELLI CONSUL obrt, ARTIS BONO d.o.o., MATULIĆ NEKRETNINE obrt.

From last year experience, we have found out that translation to Croatian language abroad can be quite expensive. At following link you can find  official Yellow pages of Croatian telecom and plese look for "sudski tumač" (Croatian for court translationist) in "Split".
Last year students from countries with diplomas in German and English languages gained help from Mr. Ante Šuljić. His e-mail address is:
USSM does not have business relations with any of above listed translators, but we hope that they can provide you with quality service for less financing then in your home countries.

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Video showing historical development and current happenings at city of Split, University of Split and Medical School. Produced in 2007 for 10th anniversary (in English, duration 9 min).
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