Medical Studies in English

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT - April 27th, 2018

Student Office will be closed on Monday, April 30th 2018.

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT - February 26th, 2018

Lectures for the elective course Sleep Medicine, Prof. Zoran Dogaš will not be held today, 26.02.2018, because of bad weather. The lessons will start tomorrow - 27.02.2018 at 18:00, at the A530 lecture hall, as previously agreed (5th floor).


List of students for elective courses 1st year.

List of students for elective courses 2nd year.

For all changes please contact Ms Emma Mulic. Changes are possible till Thursday, 30th November 2017 - 3:00 PM (notice: number of students for each elective must remain the same).


Student office will be closed from 06th till 10th November 2017 due to business trip. If you have some important requests, please come during this week.

In order to be exempted from particular course, the students of the 2nd and the 3rd study years, should submitt following documents:
1. Request for recognition
2. Program description
3. Grade transcript
Documents have to be submitted in the Student's office at latest on  25th October.
Requests submitted after October 25th won't be considered.

New announcment 27/9/2017:
Following students are accepted for transfer:

2nd year 
Krautwurst Yannick
Haugland Christian Alexander

3rd year
Snarberg Malin Charlottte

New announcement: 8/9/2017:
University of Split School of Medicine (USSM) is announcing List of Candidates accepted in the 3rd selection circle under Category 1 and Category 2 for academic year 2017/2018.

New announcement 6/9/2017:

University of Split has announced open call for Erasmus + student mobility for studying in summer semestar, academic year 2017/18

 Detailed information are available on web page:


USSM Erasmus + administrator:

Natalia Cotić,


IMPORTANT: Prerequisites for enrollment into the higher study year

2nd year
3rd year
4th year
5th year
6th year

Updated lists of mandatory and optional literature:

1st year
2nd year
3rd year
4th year
5th year
6th year

New announcement (1/8/2017): University of Split School of Medicine (USSM) is announcing List of  Candidates accepted in the 2nd selection circle under Category 1 and Category 2 for academic year 2017/2018.

New announcement: University of Split School of Medicine (USSM) is announcing List of 30 Candidates accepted under Category 1 and List of 30 Candidates accepted under Category 2 for academic year 2017/2018.

New announcement: University of Split School of Medicine (USSM) is announcing List of applicants received by deadline specified in the Public Call. 

New announcement: University of Split School of Medicine (USSM) is announcing 1st Public Call for admission to Medical Studies in English (MSE) in academic year 2017/2018. Deadline for submission of application is Monday, July 3rd 2017.

01.06.2017. ERASMUS +

University of Split has announced open call for Erasmus + student mobility treineeship in academic year 2017/18
Detailed information are available on web page:
USSM Erasmus + admisitrator: 
Natalia Cotić,

13. 01. 2017. In accordance to the rules of USSM, it is obligatory for all students to bring Index to every exam. In case that student is not able to present Index before exam begins, teacher can prevent student from taking exam without any additional reason.
New announcement: In process of application to USSM Medical Studies in English Program student may choose to use the service of different agencies. However, USSM does not have official agency for representation and application through agency does not increase chance for admittance into the Program.

Announcement: Decision on recognition of foreign educational qualification is from last year handled by "Agencija za odgoj i obrazovanje". This year they introduced instructions and request form in English language. More information is available on their web site or e-mail address.

New announcement: University of Split School of Medicine (USSM) will accept applications for transfer from Monday, July 4th 2016. First results may be expected in mid September. For transfer application please use form for application to 1st year of the Program, clearly state to which year of Program you are applying and provide official grade transcript and curriculum description from present university.

New announcement: All requests for recognition of subjects from previous education must be officially submitted to Ms. Cotić by October 15th 2016. Late submissions will not be considered. 

New announcement: Passed exam in Croatian language and verification of attendance is required for enrollment into 4th year of the Program. 

New announcement: Final list of elective courses and students for 1st year of the Program is available here. Changes are possible until Wednesday in student office.

New announcement: Final list of elective courses and students for 2nd year of the Program is available here. Detailed schedules will be available next weak on web pages of selected Departments.

Announcement: Be aware that regulation of your Health Care Insurance status is critical for approval of your Temporary Status in Croatia by government officials. Many private insurances are not recognized by international agreements as official insurances. Be sure to verify those issues with your insurance before arriving to Split. More information are available under Information for Students link.

Announcement: Students from Medical Studies in Croatian have volunteered for assistance to our new students in English program. If you are interested in such kind of help please find their names and e-mail here (list will be continuously refreshed with new volunteers):

Announcement: Additional information on recognition process can be obtained at +385 1 2785 000 (number in the Agency). The documents needed for the process:
1) Original diploma or certified copy of diploma,
2) Certified translation of diploma to Croatian language (by Court translationist)
3) Copies of final grade reports of each highschool year
4) Proof of citizenship (copy of citizenship certificate, ID card, Passport or other legal document used to verify citizenship)
5) Fee in amount of 200 kuna (local currency ~ 27 EUR) payable to Croatian Budget
USSM is recognized by Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), incorporated as a foundation of ECFMG, and is registered in its International Medical Education Directory (IMED).
University of Split School of Medicine is enlisted in the WHO Directory.
USSM students are eligible to write the U.S. (USMLE) and Canadian (MCC) medical licensing exams! Canadian students are eligible to receive student financing from the Government of Canada (in Ontario, see OSAP).


USSM graduates are projected to be recognized and be able to practise medicine int he E.U. once Croatia gets into the E.U. (expected 2013)

General information:
Universityof Split School of Medicine (USSM) is the most prominent faculty of the University in Split – a young and vibrant university on the Croatian Adriatic coast, with increasing visibility in the global research and academic community.
USSM boasts excellence in teaching and research, culture of innovation and interdisciplinary approach, as well as extensive partnerships with the world’s best universities, including formal partnerships with the University of Ottawa in Canada and Medical College of Wisconsin in the USA.

Its focus on evidence-based medicine and health care and globally relevant research and teaching make it the best place for students wishing to combine modern technological achievements in medicine with a personalized approach to individuals and populations. USSM has first-class infrastructure for teaching and research and an excellent living environment for student life at the heart of the Mediterranean! We invite you to join our new programme of medical studies in English, which combines the best of existing studies in Croatian at the USSM – Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Health Care.

The MD programme in English offers the degree of Medical Doctor (MD) after a 6-year curriculum. Students with transferable university credits may be eligible for exemptions  and discounts. Class size is limited to 50 students.

For more information, contact our student office at or vice dean for Program at
Come to Split to get connected to the global academic community – work with us in providing excellence in medical care for global needs.
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